A. Section Profile

This section will embrace sessions designed to test the demand for new sections and papers for which there is no space elsewhere.

B. Section Convenor

J P Tribe

KPMG Lecturer in Restructuring
Kingston Law School
Kingston University
Kingston Hill
Kingston upon Thames KT2 7LB

Email: J.Tribe@kingston.ac.uk

C. Section News

- There are no news items for this section.

D. Provisional Conference Programme

2013 Conference at Edinburgh

Session 1: September 5th 11.00 - 12.30 Room

Session 1:

1A     Stephen Dimelow (Oxford)

          “Interpreting "Constitutional" Legislation”

1B.       Kumari Lane  (unknown) (very tentative)

             T BC

1C.   Cynthia Hawes      Canterbury,  NZ                                                                                

       “Property Interests in Human Bodies, their Parts and their Products: Where does the Law Draw the Line?"     

Session 2: September 5th 14.00 - 15.30 Room

Session 2:

2A.   Ebenezer Adodo (Surrey)

      “Is the Plain Meaning Approach to Construction of ‘Unambiguous Words’ in Contracts Still Alive in the English Courts?”

2B. Maksim Shelkovich

     “The development of legal regulation of the securities market infrastructure as a stage of forming the International Financial Center in Russia. Comparative legal analysis under the legislation of Great Britain and Russia.”

2C. Christine Riefa (Brunel)

    “Can a ban on payment surcharges in the EU really protect consumers?”

Session 3 September 6th 09.30 - 11.00 Room

Session 3: Public Law Themes

3A. John Stanton (City)

  ‘Putting the 'local' back in local government.’

3B. Robert Sugden (Kingston):

      'A mixed method approach to assessing the social sustainability of community regeneration policy in the UK 1997-2012'

3C.  Manon George (Cardiff)

       'The unfinished business of Welsh Devolution.'

3D. Shona Wilson Stark (Cambridge)    

     “The Law Commissions and Law Reform.”   


Session 4 September 6th 11.30 - 13.00 Room

Session 4 – Tort Bonus Section

4A.     Hilary Young

          ‘Adding Insult to Injury in Damages for Defaming a Corporation’

4B.    Gary CHAN Kok Yew

          ‘Defamatory Meaning, Community Perspectives and Standards’

4C.     Mathilde Groppo

        ‘Vindicating reputation through civil law remedies: the decline of criminal libel’


A mixed method approach to assessing the social sustainability of community regeneration policy in the UK 1997-2012. by Robert Sugden.
‘Putting the local back in local government’ by John Stanton.
The Law Commissions and Law Reform by Shona Wilson Stark.


Is the Plain Meaning Approach to Construction of “Unambiguous Words” in Contracts Still Alive in the English Courts? by Ebenezer Adodo.


No posters available.

Previous Conferences

- Oxford 2003.
- Sheffield 2004.
- Strathclyde 2005.
- Keele 2006.
- Durham 2007.
- London 2008.
- Southampton 2010.
- Cambridge 2011.
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