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Property and Trusts Section

The Property and Trusts subject section provides a forum for members interested in any aspect of property law or trusts to meet and to discuss ideas. The Section always meets at the annual conference and in some years has held additional meetings at other times of the year. The Section maintains regular contact with the Law Commission in connection with their projects, both through providing written responses to consultations and holding meetings with members of the Law Commission to discuss specific proposals.  Section meetings at the annual conference provide an informal and supportive environment in which to discuss current research in property and trust law.  It aims to be inclusive and contributions from any academic perspective, methodology or point of view are very welcome.  As previous programmes demonstrate, speakers typically come from all stages of their academic careers from professors to new researchers and early career academics.


Section Convenor

Simon Cooper


York 2015

Further details on the Property and Trusts Section programme can be found on the Conference Website:

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Annual Conference: York 2015

The Society's Annual Conference in 2015 will be held on 1 - 4 September at the University of York. Further details are available here.

Call for Papers

Calls for papers have now been issued (Feb'15). Further details may be found here and on the Subject Sections home pages.