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Cyberlaw 2013 Conference Programme

   Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference 2013

SLS Cyberlaw Section Provisional Program

Tuesday, 3 September – Friday, 6 September 2013 University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Session 1: Thursday September 5th 11.00 - 12.30

Section Convenor Opening: Faye Fangfei Wang (Brunel University)

Keynote: Graham Smith (Partner, Bird & Bird) Are Tech Law Principles in the Ascendancy?

Theme One: Data Privacy Protection and ISP Liability

  1. Michael Birnhack (Tel-Aviv University, Israel) From Small to Big Data: A New Informational Paradigm
  2. James Cassidy (Senior Associate, Clyde & Co) The NHS and Information Governance: Doomed to Fail?
  3. Jan Oster (King’s College London) Liability of Internet Service Providers for Defamatory Speech

Session 2: Thursday September 5th 14.00 - 15.30

Theme Two: Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Internet-related Disputes

  1. Pablo Cortés (University of Leicester) Recommendations for the Design of the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform: Lessons from the Dispute System Design Approach
  2. Riika Koulu (University of Helsinki, Finland) Understanding Sovereighty in the ODR era: replacing disintegrating state monopoly
  3. Lorraine Lally (The Bar Council of Ireland, Ireland) Online Mediation: Can the process function online?
  4. Giacomo Pailli (University of Florence, Italy) U.S. E-discovery, the Internet and Zubulake: New Challenges for European Companies Doing Business in the U.S
  5. Nicolas Jondet (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow) Disconnecting the Hadopi and the French graduated response?
  6. Andreas Ruehmkorf (University of Sheffield) – the Legality of Online Review Sites relating to Individuals

Session 3 Friday September 6th 09.30 - 11.00

Theme Three: Digital IP Rights, Sale of Goods and Competition

  1. Michael Landau (Georgia State University) Cambridge University Press v. Becker and Author's Guide v. HathiTrust: Is Educational "Fair Use" Really Fair?
  2. Dinusha Mendis (Bournemouth University) 3D Printing, Intellectual Property and the Digital Divide
  3. John Lombard, Leona O’Brien and Eli Abi-Lahoud (University College Cork, Ireland) The Use of Semantic Technologies to Support Compliance with Financial Regulations
  4. Audrey Guinchard (University of Essex) Mapping Cybercrime: the Power of Money
  5. Sally Western (Bournemouth University) What's best for Software Interoperability - Intellectual Property, Competition Law or Standards?
  6. Sean Thomas (University of Leicester) Sale of Goods and Intellectual Property: Past, Present and Predictions

Session 4 Friday September 6th 11.30 - 13.00

Theme Four:  Internet Regulation and Consumer Protection

  1. Kristina Irion (Central European University, Hungary) Personal Data Protection in Consumer Online Transactions: How Behavioural Economics can inform EU Data Protection Policy and Law?
  2. Christine Rinik (University of Winchester) Ignorance is not Bliss: Pitfalls facing Consumers using Social Networking Sites
  3. Anniina Huttunen (University of Helsinki, Finland) Hybrid Liability of Intelligent Systems
  4. Maria Tzanou (Keele University) Time to Take Data Protection Seriously?
  5. Christopher T. Marsden (University of Sussex) and Ian Brown (University of Oxford) The Prosumer Law Approach to Regulation of the Internet (Concluding Remark)


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