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Call for papers on Legal History for the 2013 Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference.


  We are writing to issue a call for papers on Legal History broadly construed. We welcome papers drawn from Law, History, Sociology and Criminal Justice or any other discipline that explore historical aspects which are relevant today or which are explorations of the past for its own sake. Given the stimulating discussions at Bristol on teaching Legal History, you might want to present a paper on this. The overall theme of the Conference is ""Britain in Europe: Europe in Britain"", but we are happy to see proposals for papers that do not directly address the theme. All colleagues, whether practitioners, research students, early career academics or more senior colleagues, are invited to offer papers. If you are interested in presenting a paper, please e-mail me at If your paper is accepted, speakers are required to submit their abstract to the Paperbank by the end of July. Speakers are encouraged to submit a written paper to the Paperbank, with papers eligible for the SLS Best Paper Prize, the entry conditions for which are available on the SLS web site. Dr Lorie Charlesworth LJMU. 

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Annual Conference: York 2015

The Society's Annual Conference in 2015 will be held on 1 - 4 September at the University of York. Further details are available here.

Call for Papers

Calls for papers have now been issued (Feb'15). Further details may be found here and on the Subject Sections home pages.